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With a well-rounded combination of glitchy synths, technically impressive riffs and piercing vocal refrains, there’s a refreshing sense of individuality running through ‘With Might And Main’ that’s often missing from bands of this ilk.
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Defences formed in early 2014 and have since between travelling up and down the UK performing their varied and experimental take on modern alternative music to a rapidly growing fanbase, allowing them to share the stage with acts such as Our Last Night, Mallory Knox, The Raven Age, Our Hollow Our Home, As Lions, Sleepwave and For the Fallen Dreams to name a few. The lyrical themes of overcoming adversity, self-realisation and the recognition of beauty that have attracted so many listeners remain a pulsing rhetoric that permeates the band's music and stage show equally, and with the increasing live support received at each show, the band will surely add to their list of prestigious acts with whom they've shared the stage.

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With the singles off 2017's "With Might and Main", receiving a wide range of mainstream press support such as BBC Radio 1, Alt Press, Rock Sound and Kerrang! Radio as well as having become a widely used music source for 3rd party content creators, Defences' audience and streaming stats have grown exponentially, with their current  monthly listener Spotify stats consistently above 25,000 and their total streams standing at over 2,300,000 listens. Their increasing status as a UK band has seen a dedicated fanbase already baying for album favourites "Grow" and "Gravity" at shows which allowed them to use their platform as a springboard to start releasing new singles with a new sound. “Shatter” and “In Eclipse” provide a sense of immersive development for older listeners and an exciting fresh sound for newcomers. With no signs of burnout, Defences are a band that looks to have a very bright future indeed. 

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10,500 + Likes

30,500 + Monthly Listeners

102,500 + Monthly Streams

2,190,000 + Streams

2,000 + Subscribers

150,000 + Views

6,000 + Followers

3,500 + Followers

250 + Units Sold

2,369,000 + Album Streams

1,250 + Album Sales

47,500 + EP Streams

450 + EP Sales








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"With a well-rounded combination of glitchy synths, technically impressive riffs and piercing vocal refrains, there’s a refreshing sense of individuality running through ‘With Might And Main’ that’s often missing from bands of this ilk." - Rocksound Magazine

This British metal quintet are making their mark in the U.K., and frontwoman Cherry Duesbury is one of the most interesting voices in modern metalcore... Defences have thrown out the stagnant formulas metalcore has become accustomed to in favor of complex, layered tracks with a positive message. - Rabab Alsharif, Alternative Press

"This is not just a band with strong vocals… it’s an all round sensation." - Heavy Australian Magazine


“…these guys have nailed the music behind her with hook-laden choruses, melodic and groove-ridden guitars and awesome beats and production flourishes here there and everywhere. Go check them out now, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed! - Elliott Stubbings, TKTwords

"Into awesome new metalcore, similar to Pierce The Veil or Sleeping With Sirens? Then check this fiery quintet out immediately." - Kerrang!


What do we have here? An original and fresh debut from a cracking band with the world at their finger tips? ...One listen to Defences'  debut album, the fantastic "With Might and Main" will convince you that there is still life in the post hardcore model. - Powerplay magazine

With the seemingly endless subgenres of metal out there these days, it’s totally understandable for bands to pinpoint themselves to one of them. But when a band goes all out and embraces as many of them as humanly possible and absolutely nails it, you have to give them the credit they deserve. - Gigradar


"All in all, Defences have crafted a solid full-length debut which looks beyond the confines of their increasingly restrictive genre." - Über Röck

“London up-and-comers Defences are becoming “ones to watch” and their latest single, ‘Grow’ shows just why. With soaring and impressive vocals from Cherry Duesbury and a hint of American melodic post-hardcore, 'Grow’ gives the young band plenty of potential.” – Already Heard

In ‘With Might And Main’, Hertfordshire based alt-metal band Defences have made a well-rounded debut that shows thoughtfulness and a serious abundance of talent. - Dead Press


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